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Pre-Spring Appliance Package Promotion

kitchen appliances

FREE Kitchen appliance set worth $12,000!!

New clients in contract BEFORE April 1st will receive a kitchen appliance package worth $12,000 with your remodel project.

Contact us now to learn more

*Total project cost must be minimum $120,000.  Other restrictions apply, see below for details.

Promotional Giveaway Rules

Eligibility of promotion is limited to projects with total cost over $120,000.  Giveaway items are kitchen appliances only including; refrigerator, oven, range, cooktop, microwave, vent hood/downdraft and dishswasher.  Cost contributed to items will not exceed $12,000 of advertised retail price and does not include installation.  Appliance credit will be provided as credit toward overall budget.  Items must be selected prior to ordering phase of project and available for delivery during the estimated project timeline.

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