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Quality & Affordability

At West Pacific it is our mission to provide our clients with outstanding service and quality workmanship while maintaining reasonable cost.  Here is a brief look at some of the ways we help you put more of your money toward what goes into your home.

Decades of Experience

 Over our 30 plus years in the industry we have developed the systems and procedures that allow us to streamline as many aspects of the process as possible in turn, minimizing additional costs.  That experience also gives us the insight to know what to expect in every project and reduce unexpected or unforeseen circumstances to an absolute minimum.

Low Overhead

With a small, highly experienced staff and a modest shop/warehouse/office space, we are able to minimize the massive costs that many big name and high profile remodelers take on.  This alone saves us hundereds of thousands of dollars that does not need to be passed on to our clients.  Also, since the majority of our clients are referred to us from other clients and industry professionals, our marketing budget is a fraction of many of our competitors.


With our longevity in the home construction and remodeling business we have developed and nurtured relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and vendors that allow us to provide all of the products available on the market and combine them with quality craftsmanship and reasonable costs.

Minimizing our costs to create savings for you...
Without Compromise

While we do everything we can to keep costs low, we do not compromise the quality of product, service and workmanship you receive.​
We offer all of the same options in products and amenities available today.  Our designers work tirelessly to ensure they are constantly up to date on the latest trends and styles.  Our team of craftsmen are always ready to create the space you are after with the exquisite quality you expect from a top notch team.  We offer all of this and typically find that our cost is often 10-20% lower than that of our competitors.*

*based on competing proposals provided to us by our clients

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